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About me

lisa and tulips 72.jpg

As an artist, exploration in art creation is a new way of learning and feeling more about my core self. I find I need to experience and produce images that reflect my beliefs about identity. 


I love imagery of beautiful black faces and figures. I search everywhere for these images. There are pictures in magazines, advertisements and online. I take snapshots of places, objects and family members that hold my interest. From these I use an image that excites me. Ideas about scale, color and theme emerge from those images. At times, I place the symbols of Morse code to punctuate content in the painting. This form of dots and dashes represent a fascinating language of visual, auditory, and tactile communication.


I find line work and abstraction to be a formidable and striking combination. In my art I use acrylic paints, collage, ink and paint pens. I often use tracing, repeated images, and handmade stencils. I continue to experiment with new mediums and processes as I move forward in my artistic practice.

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